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Implantology Guide

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Implants can replace individual teeth or a few cavities. In addition, implants can build support for large permanent (bridges) and removable dentures, if the number of own teeth is insufficient...
Distinction is made between two-piece and one-piece implant systems. In the case of two-piece implants, the implant stem and the superstructure are separate elements. In the case of one-piece implants, the element connecting the implants forms one piece with the implant stem. Two-piece implants are often used, as they ensure that during the healing stage, the implant will not be pressured.
Before implantation you should optimize oral hygiene and, if possible, quit smoking. Implantation treatment should be preceded by the treatments of gingivitis and periodontists, as well as the alignment of diabetes. Caries treatment should be terminated. Insufficient amount of bone matter in the jaw may be a reason to carry out a pre-treatment, during which the recovering bone mass takes places.
Immediately after placing the implant, surgical site should not be pressured. You should also avoid too intensive cleaning (eg. a toothbrush with too high hardness) directly on the stitch, and the other teeth should be cleaned precisely. The team of the office will be happy to provide advice and assistance, so that you could enjoy your implant for many years.

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