Computer anesthesia

Already in Poland! The first in Olsztyn! Computer system for anesthesia 'The Wand'

It works like a real 'magic wand'  .. safe, stress-free anesthesia, which accurately and precisely adjusts the dose and timing of administration of anesthetic in order to prepare the Patient for surgery.

Our Office has just joined the elite group of the best dental offices in the world, in which the patient can be computer anesthetized - using the latest version of 'The Wand':

Here are the reasons why the most demanding patients appreciated The Wand anesthesia

  • painless dosage of anesthetic
  • safety resulting from the computer controlled anesthesia process
  • psychic comfort and lack of stress during and after the surgery
  • after anesthesia of The Wand your face is not stiffen, will keep a natural look

What is the difference between 'The Wand' anesthesia and the one using a syringe?

The traditional method of using a syringe anesthesia is associated by the Patients mostly with pain during injection and facial numbness that persists for a long time after surgery. With the computer controlled dosage of anesthetic, the patient feels no pain, nor experiences face numbness. Right after the visit you could spend an important meeting, lecture or visit your friends.

Every modern dentist uses anesthetic to his patients. Of course, you can still be anesthetized by the method your dentist applied so far. But you can experience something new and completely different, what will give you a completely new imagine of a dentist appointment.

  • Prosthetics

    Discolored front teeth and gaps on the sides disturb the functionality, but above all, they disturb aesthetics of the whole face. Aesthetics and a pretty smile - it is a big challenge for the doctor. Success depends largely on understanding the needs of the Patient and planning the treatment.For this purpose we do:implantscrownsbridgesporcelain veneerscomposite veneerscrown-root contributionsoverlaysremovable denturespartial and complete dentures (braces and cosmetic)dentures fitted in implantsOur intervention is invisible and nicely harmonized with the entire face of the Patient. 


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