profesjonalne implanty zębów

Who would not want to have a clear, perfect smile?
Even if your teeth are damaged over the years, your dentist is currently able to change it.

An accident during sport or a fall can leave deficiencies in your smile at every stage of your life. Caries and periodontal disease may over the years may cause loss a large number of teeth. These are stressful situations, however covering or masking these defects as well as replaceable dentures are no longer necessary.

The loss of even a single tooth is not neutral to the whole bite and any loss needs fulfilling as soon as possible. Now your dentist has a modern solution, an alternative for conventional prosthetic solutions. The implant takes over the function of the tooth and is his closest substitute. The implant integrated with the bone allows you to eat, laugh and talk without worrying.

Profesjonalna implantologia

What is an implant?

  • It is nothing other than an artificial root made of titanium. These small titanium parts constitute hi-tech artificial roots, which become an integral element of the jaw. They are so dependable as if they were part of you and they assures stable foundation for single crowns, larger bridges or dentures.
  • Teeth embedded on implants are almost exactly identical as your own teeth and provide a completely natural feel. Moving denture problem disappears. There is no need to damage adjacent teeth in order to make a bridgework. Implants provide secure solutions at any age and situations. Permanent, resistant to bite forces and individual as you are.

Please note that implant treatment consist of several stages

  • The surgical stage consisting in injections of the implant into the bone
  • The healing stage lasting from 3 to 6 months (at this time the implant and the bone become permanently connected)
  • The prosthetic reconstruction stage consisting of placing refills in the form of crowns or bridges cemented on connectors screwed to implants or twisted directly into the connectors. In the case of prostheses based on implants, an element mounting the prosthesis to the implants may be ball latches, bars or magnetic elements.
  • The control stages (after completion of prosthetic treatment the patient should report on control visits to evaluate hygiene and condition of the fillings - abiding this procedure allows to detect potential problems early and taking care of them).

Our office is an authorized DENTSLPY Implants office.

We work using the best, clinically proven implantation technology. The office has BIOMET 3i Quality Mark which guarantees the highest quality of the implants.

Biomet 3i


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