Dental Surgery

In our clinic we make full profile of treatments in dental surgery.

Treatments are carried in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, and most importantly, painlessly and by qualified team.

Anesthetics we use are excellent products, which protect against pain for a period of treatment.

chirurgia stomatologiczna

Examples of treatment

Extraction, which is tooth removal, under local anesthesia. Idea of this treatment are always horrible, it seems that it takes a lot of strength, but in our clinic we try our best to do it gently and atraumatic.

Using precise and delicate surgical instruments, we cause dislocation, and then loosening of the tooth root. Only then the tooth is removed with pilers. If there are such indications, place after the extraction are supported by a stitching.

Surgical tooth extraction

These are generally removal of impacted teeth, the so-called wisdom teeth, commonly known as the eights.

Every patient is an individual case, so it should be considered carefully

  • what are the possibilities of treatment for such teeth,
  • what is the usefulness of tooth in bite,
  • whether it is properly located in the arc and does not deform it,
  • what is the frequency of chronic infections,
  • or if the eight does not cause the destruction of nearby tooth by it's eruption.

Removal of an impacted eight is a more complicated treatment than other extractions. Careful preparation of the patient, special equipment and doctor's skills, as well as proper dressing of postoperative area soften the experience and eventual complications.


This applies to preparatory treatment for example: before implantation, before doing the proper and well prosthetics, filling a lacking bone using augmentation treatment or lifting maxillary sinuses treatment to obtain the appropriate conditions for implantation.

Endodontic surgery

Periodontal surgery

The purpose of these treatments is to eliminate inflammation and restoration of lost tissues.

  • Prosthetics

    Discolored front teeth and gaps on the sides disturb the functionality, but above all, they disturb aesthetics of the whole face. Aesthetics and a pretty smile - it is a big challenge for the doctor. Success depends largely on understanding the needs of the Patient and planning the treatment.For this purpose we do:implantscrownsbridgesporcelain veneerscomposite veneerscrown-root contributionsoverlaysremovable denturespartial and complete dentures (braces and cosmetic)dentures fitted in implantsOur intervention is invisible and nicely harmonized with the entire face of the Patient. 


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