Dr. Karol Sujka conducted Poland’s first treatment using NavigatorT system.

During the advanced implantology course, that was held in the framework of IV Symposium CEIA in Krakow on 22-23 November 2009, many interesting implantology/augmentation treatments took place. Among other things, for the first time in Poland, Dr Karol Sujka, under guidance of a CEIA mentor Dr Tomasz Falkowski, made flapless implant surgery using the latest NavigatorT by BIOMET3i system.

Preparation for surgery

The described procedure required very precise preparation: well done computer tomography images, proper planning and ordering a template. Treatment planning was performed based on SimPlant software, by Materialise. Computer tomography (converted from 2D images to 3D in a segmentation process) applied to the program allowed to precisely plan the implants position. Template for the treatment ordered electronically, directly from the headquarters of Materialise in Belgium.


The treatment of implantation of 7 implants according to the protocol, was relatively simple and took approx. 1 hour. Implants were supported by healing caps. After surgery, the patient was happy and during the day of surgery did not need any painkillers. The next day, the patient could eat a breakfast, without any whims or pain, with the operator and mentor.

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