I give people beautiful smile – Interview with Dr. Elzbieta Sujka

Out of her hand come beautiful smiles, and in every man she can see the beauty. While the dentist sometimes arouses anxiety, this doctor does not need to be afraid of. The owner of the Aesthetic Dentistry Office Elzbieta Sujka not only treats, but also likes her patients.

She comes from Puck, and to Olsztyn she came quite by an accident when she was looking for a job within her profession, after graduation. From the city by the sea life brought her to the city full of lakes. - For 30 years in Olsztyn I live, I work and I feel like I was born here - says Elzbieta Sujka. Choice of profession also was a coincidence - she planned studying chemistry, and at the urging of her friend, she went to medical school. Life showed that this choice was the hit. For over 20 years Elzbieta Sujka runs a private practice on the Old Town - ul. 14 Targ Rybny in Olsztyn. During this time she gained the sympathy and trust of many patients, for whom aesthetic smile and comprehensive view of health is important. For many years she is also an active member of the Polish Aesthetic Dentistry Academy PASE, a network of doctors practicing in accordance with the highest standards of aesthetic dentistry. She finished postgraduate studies in anti-aging, which are useful now in planning aesthetic reconstructions.

Anyone can have his beautiful smile restored.

Anyone can have his beautiful smile restored.

  • Prosthetics

    Discolored front teeth and gaps on the sides disturb the functionality, but above all, they disturb aesthetics of the whole face. Aesthetics and a pretty smile - it is a big challenge for the doctor. Success depends largely on understanding the needs of the Patient and planning the treatment.For this purpose we do:implantscrownsbridgesporcelain veneerscomposite veneerscrown-root contributionsoverlaysremovable denturespartial and complete dentures (braces and cosmetic)dentures fitted in implantsOur intervention is invisible and nicely harmonized with the entire face of the Patient. 


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