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This Privacy Policy outlines storing and disclosure of information from User's devices using cookies to achieve electronically supplied service, requested by the User via SPECIALIST MEDICAL PRACTICE – ELŻBIETA SUJKA located in Olsztyn.

Your internet browser may store cookies on the hard drive of your computer. Cookie files contains information necessary for the proper functioning of the website, in particular those that requires authorization.

Content of the cookies does not allow identifying the User. Cookies neither process nor store any personal information.

Our website do not include or allow any content that is contrary to the Polish or international law, or incite racial, religious or ethnic hatred. There are no pornography, morally reprehensible materials nor contents considered as unethical or abusive.

We guarantee that your information will not be disclosed. We suggest, you should also use caution in sharing them with third parties.

1. Definitions

  • Administrator – means electronic service provider, that stores and accesses information from User's devices SPECIALIST MEDICAL PRACTICE – ELZBIETA SUJKA located in Olsztyn (10-020), ul. Targ Rybny 14, entered into the Register of the National Court Register under NIP number:  7392366750, Regon: 510476363.
  • Cookies – means the computer data, in particular small text files saved and stored on devices through which User enters the Service.
  • Administrator cookies – means cookies placed by the Administrator, associated with provision of electronic service by the Administrator through Service.
  • 4.External cookies – means cookies placed by Administrator partners through the Service's website.
  • Service – means a website or a web application through which Administrator runs the Internet service.
  • Device – means an electronic equipment through which the User accesses the Service.
  • User – mean an entity to whom, according to the Rules of Service and law, service can be electronically provided, or who can be a party of Electronic service provision agreement.


2. Cookies types used

  • Cookies used by the Administrator are safe for User's devices. In particular it is not possible to get viruses or other unwanted software, including malware. Those files allow identifying User's software and adjusting Service individually for each User. Usually cookies contains domain name from which they come from, amount of time admissible for storing them on a device and an assigned value. Administrator uses following type of Cookies:
  • Session cookies: stored on User's device until end of an Internet browser session. Then the information saved there are permanently removed from device's memory. The mechanism of session cookies does not allow accessing to any personal data or confidential information from User's device.
  • Persistent cookies: stored on User's device until deleting them intentionally. Closing the session of particular Internet browser or turning the device off does not delete them from the device. The mechanism of persistent cookies does not allow accessing to any personal data or confidential information from User device.
  • Harmless cookies: required for the proper functioning of the website. They are necessary for improving functionality of the website, however their presence does not have anything to do with tracking the User.
  • Examination cookies: used for tracking User actions. However they are not gathering information identifying certain user data.
  • Tracking cookies: used for tracking users and gathering information identifying certain user's data.


3. Purposes of using cookies.

SPECIALIST MEDICAL PRACTICE – ELZBIETA SUJKA stores cookies on user's computers for:

  • maintaining user's session
  • making some of the website content and features available;
  • fitting to the service users' needs better
  • creating a viewing statistics for our content partners and advertisers.
  • presenting web advertisements the most similar to user interests.
  • optimization and improvement of efficiency of services provided by the Administrator.
  • analysis, researches, audit log and gathering general, anonymous statistic data through analytics tools:
  • Google Analytics [administrator Cookies: Google Inc located in USA];
  • creating anonymous statistics that help to understand how is the Service used in order to improve its structure and content;
  • adjusting advertisements of services and products presented on the Service;
  • presenting multimedia content on the Service;
  • presenting advertisements fitting User preferences with the use of Internet advertising tools.
  • Using interactive features to popularize the Service through a social networks.
  • Using an external services' features in order to facilitate communication through the Service.

It is possible to configure your Internet browser not to save and store cookies on the hard drive of your computer. Note that the result of such change may be loss of possibility to use some service features.

  • Possibility of determining the conditions of storing and gathering website access through cookies:
  • User can change the cookie files settings at any time by himself, determining the conditions of their storage and access to User's device. Those setting can be changed through an Internet browser settings or service configuration. Those changes include, in particular, blocking automatic cookie support or informing about saving cookies on User's device. More detailed information about possibilities and methods of cookies handling are available at a software (Internet browser) settings.
  • User can remove cookies at any time using his Internet browser functions.
  • Limiting cookies usage may affect some functionalities available on the Service.


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