Radiological diagnostics

We have a modern, digital X-ray camera for pantomographic and cephalometric photos  - ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OC200D, as well as the volumetry showing the bone structures in the three-dimensional image -

This ultra-fast 'X-ray' allows to take pictures helpful in the diagnosis and treatment planning, in a safe and fast (without waiting to develop pictures) way.

In our office we photograph with a full digital camera which provides excellent quality images, which can than be repeatedly reproduced. Digital radiography technology allows minimizing the required dose of radiation to an absolute minimum.

We can also make custom photos!

Photos can be saved on different media:

  • CD;
  • flash-drive;
  • e-mail.

Panoramic radiograph pictures - pantomogram

Zdjęcie Pantomograficzne

Panoramic radiograph pictures can be produced in different projections, so we can see even a single anatomical structures, eg. the teeth temporo-mandibular joints, jaw and lower jaw. On our panoramic radiograph pictures we observe the degree of mineralization and direction of tooth eruption, irregularities in the construction of the roots, the location of impacted teeth and the position of teeth roots in relation to maxillary sinuses.

These images allow us for precise assess the periodontal condition of our patients. It is an essential tool when planning a dental treatment.

With the possibility of immediate diagnosis using pantogram we can plan your treatment accurately and safely.

Cephalometric Images - cephalogram

Zdjęcie Cefalometryczne

Cephalometric image provides a projections used yo study the skull and facial bones, in order to detect injuries, diseases and developmental abnormalities. Cephalometric images highlight the soft tissues of the face, paranasal sinuses and the hard plate.

In orthodontics it is used to assess facial growth and in planning correction of occlusion defects and position of teeth.

Cephalometric pictures are also used in surgery and prosthetics to document condition before and after treatment.


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