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Since April 2007 the Office offers a fast and secure method of teeth whitening using BEYOND method- the latest American technology, having widely use in the world of business and entertainment.

The result of BEYOND whitening system is improvement from 5 up to 14 shades in the VITA scale. Whitening effects by this method are 30% better than with whitening (night) kits, and way better then the other methods.


for a prom, a wedding ... everyday!

The biggest advantage of the BEYOND method is that the whole procedure of your smile cosmetic treatment takes only approx. 60 min. (!) And after leaving the Office, you can enjoy Hollywood movie star smile.


Since October 2009, we are doing whitening using the latest Accelerator Beyond Dent POLUS. The new device is an unprecedented innovation in teeth whitening. It's biggest advantages over competing methods are:

  • The strongest halogen available on the market, clinically proven whitening results, guaranteeing the best effect compared with plasma and diode system,
  • Unique LightBridgeT light technology gives whitening of a huge power with adjustable light intensity
  • Option of whitening both dental arches "dual-arch" with adjustable whitening power: soft, medium or intensive for the perfect whitening effect customized to individual patient's needs, and a "single" option for precise treatment with a single tooth.
  • Advanced filtration technology eliminates the release of a harmful heat and UV radiation, providing safety and comfort during the treatment.
  • Built-in LED polymerization light: two-band wavelength to be used in whitening as well as for curing composites and barriers on the gums.

BEYOND method is considered worldwide as the safest and most effective way of teeth whitening currently available on the market.

Every Patient who uses the whitening receives free, specialized toothpaste supporting the effect of whitened teeth!


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