The global standard for the diagnosis of Olsztyn’s Patient – Interview with Dr. Karol Sujka

Doktor Karol Sujka

The highest level of prosthetic-dental services now available to patients in Olsztyn.

The dentist Karol Sujka of the Sujka's Dentistry Office, at the 14 Targ Rybny street in Olsztyn, is the first doctor on Warmia and Mazury, who received a Master in Prosthodontics at the Medical University of Siena in Italy - a prestigious medical center in Europe.

For Olsztyn's patients it means a warranty of the highest medical diagnosis standard and comprehensive dental treatment. We invite you to read a short interview with Dr. Karol Sujka, which appeared in one of the December (2011) editions of Gazeta Olsztynska.

Q: Doctor, what exactly does this title means? What benefits does it gives for your Patients?

A: First of all, I'd like to point out that the title Master is the annual culmination of specialized studies - comparable to the MBA program for managers. The knowledge and skills acquired during them in a measurable way translate into everyday practice and benefit for patients.

Q: Could you explain a little bit for the readers?

A: In my opinion, the most important is what I learned:

  • saving our Patients time during treatments - doctor who lead diagnostics properly know what challenges he may encounter during treatment.
  • zreducing Patient's stress
  • reducing costs - even doing advanced treatments, thanks to careful planning, we know practically all the parameters, and we can prepare adequate quantities of materials and preparations - almost like in a factory, according to "Just on time" philosophy
  • the success of treatment is more predictable - it's simple: the better diagnosis and more accurate planning, the lower risk of complications.

Q: I understand, but why the courses are far in Siena?

A: The University of Siena and working with him Clinical Hospital is the second research center in Europe with the greatest scientific achievements. Actively working professors teaching there are recognized as pioneers of modern dentistry and authorities in the field of prosthodontics, implantology and periodontal treatment. This center is also known from developing and implementing innovative techniques and dental materials. This place is unique. Word-class academic staff and clinical hospital, which meets dozens of difficult medical cases on it's daily basis. In addition, to the permanent disposal is a research center and laboratory using the latest dental technology. What do you want more? While I was there, we have opportunity to consult with experts in any field of dentistry at any time. Of course, a practitioners!

Q: Polish dentistry, after all, already uses modern materials. Olsztyn dental offices do their best to improve their services.

A: Yes, but materials and equipment straight form XXI century are not the only condition of modern medical practice. Currently, global standard is an accurate diagnosis and advanced treatment planning. Moving these patterns precisely to my own dental office is most important to me. Going even further, the latest trend is dentistry is a full customizations of parts in the implantology / prosthetics services.

Q: It means? Dentures, crown, were always made "to size" for a particular Patient.

A: Yes, but now we can give a perfect smile for every of our Patients. The key to success is, once again, high technology: 3D scanners and computer-modeled connectors between the implant and the crown. In this way, a unique set of "parts" is produced for a particular patient, customized for the particular face. The effect is amazing. Perfect finish and patient satisfaction - implanting remain completely invisible to the environment. teeth look and "act" as his own.

Q: Sounds fantastic!

And plans for the future? With your experience and appreciating opportunities so much, probably you will be interested in continuing cooperations with the Italian clinic?

A: Of course. First of all, I would like to use my personal contact with Professor Marco Ferrari - a respected specialist in the field of implantology and prosthetics. This will allow me to consult and discuss the most difficult cases occurring in my office. And if we are talking about a professional goals, it certainly is a continuation of education and systematic introduction of global standards to my own practice. Knowledge and experience of other people are now more accessible than ever before. Today, my treatment is a composition of the latest achievements in medicine and knowledge.

  • dr Karol Sujka

    In 2005 I graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical University of Gdansk (GUMed).In 2011, I got a Master in Prosthodontics at the Medical University of Siena in Italy.I work in a private practice dedicated exclusively to aesthetic dentistry and implantology.

  • Dr. Karol Sujka conducted Poland's first treatment using NavigatorT system.

    During the advanced implantology course, that was held in the framework of IV Symposium CEIA in Krakow on 22-23 November 2009, many interesting implantology/augmentation treatments took place.


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